Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lyrics training

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all.

In this entry, I am going to highlight another website that is useful for listening activity. It is called Lyrics Training. This fantastic website allows people to not only listen to their favourite songs but to do an interesting activity with the songs. Basically this website offers numerous songs, from out dated to the latest and the users will be able to choose any songs that they like. Apart from that, there are various languages for for the users to choose from, be it in English, Spanish, Germany and even French. While the songs are being played, users are required to fill in the missing words of the lyrics. The music will be paused until the gap is filled with the correct word which I found very convenient. The organisation of the website is not really confusing as there are not too many thumbnails in the website. Apart from that, if you are connected to Facebook, it will automatically connect to your Facebook account and you will be able to leave comments on the website.

Of course it is good for language learning!

Most of the people especially teenagers nowadays are addicted to songs. Almost everywhere, there will be young people with their Ipod or Mp3 player doing their daily activity while listening to songs. Language learning does take place informally when they are listening to songs as they pick up certain language style and vocabulary items in the lyrics. Then why not let the students learn language their own way? This website can be one of the best website for learning languages especially for second language learners. Students will not only enjoying listening to the songs but also have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary knowledge with the information gap activity. They are forced to listen carefully to the lyrics in order to have the gap filled. On the contrary, if the teacher is going to have a traditional vocabulary teaching such as spelling order, it will make the students feel less interesting because it does not involve any visual supplementary. However, it does not necessary for teachers to merely depends on this website for vocabulary teaching rather use it for supplementary purposes. This is because teacher have to consider other factors such as facilities and syllabus coverage. In my opinion, this website is suitable for both students of primary and secondary schools aging between 7 to 17 years old because it is simple yet enjoyable. 

Have a look at the page!

You can search your preferred songs.

There are 3 levels to choose from.

Gaps that needs be filled

The advantages of this website are:

1. Students can practise listening skill in a fun way. They can listen to their favourite songs
2. Students can choose the difficulty as there 3 different levels which are beginner, intermediate and advanced
3. It can accommodate speakers of various languages. There are some foreign languages as well to practise.
4. Allow students to listen to the song carefully and fill in the gaps.

The disadvantages of this website are:

1. Problems in resources. Not all songs available for students to choose.
2. Language abuse; some songs might contain inappropriate words

There are not many disadvantages that I found in this website as it is quite a simple website.

Here is the link to the website:
2. Problems in access where not all students have the access to the internet.

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