Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Let's 'Play' English!

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all.

Have you ever feel bored learning English the traditional way? Well I am going to introduce a website which is very useful in learning English. Not just learning, but learning in a fun way! It is called ClicknLearn. This website, unlike other educational website offers variety methods in learning English. It is fun and easy because it has fantastic interface and sound effect, just like most of the online-gaming websites. If you are a person who likes playing games, yet still want to learn some English, this is just a correct website for you. This website is design for a Spanish-learning-English context but the content are all in English. This website consists of quite a number of different levels that the students can choose from. Each level is has three different difficulties which are easy, intermediate and advanced.

Different levels available on top left corner.

Example 1:  Activity page.

Example 2: Activity page

How about the content?

The content in every section is designed based on topic which means that the students have to complete the exercises based on the topics such as cloths, schools, shops, sports and a lot more which I personally think worth to discover. The exercises at the lower levels are designed to exposed students to vocabulary items that are used in different context so that they will be familiar with the particular context. There are also pictures indicating the vocabulary items and sometimes it also requires students to memorise and then complete the gap activity. At the higher level, there are grammar activity as well as activities related to the issues and culture which the students of higher level might find it interesting and challenging. However, most of the activities related to the topic culture is designed based on Spanish culture, which might not be familiar for students from different country. 

Advantages of this website:

1. Rather different from any other educational websites that stick to formal style.
2. It is fun and interactive as learners get to do the activity based on various topics.
3. It caters different level of students.
4. It is free and easy to operate.

Disadvantages to the website:

1. The instruction is in Spanish which is not understandable to learners of different context.
2. Some of the activity relates to the Spanish context which may result in difficulties for some learners
3.  Sound effect while initialising the webpage may be annoying to some users including me.

Here is the link to the website.

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